Dear Diary,

The weekend is here again and my sister,mom and i decided to grab some Saturday brunch before running  our daily errands. I’m sure you guys have noticed that i have a sequence of leopard print going on.
I absolutely love it!

Shoes-Steve Madden

          Happy Easter everybody!!


Flea Market and 90 degree weather

Dear Diary,

In a 90 degree scorching weather, you assume that one would like to stay home and avoid the heat?
Well not when there is a flea market in sight! They are always amazing for finding vintage jewelry
and other cut-rate merchandise.

     Glasses-From a friend(thanks Mos Prominent)
Linen Pants-Zara
Afghan and Pakistani pieces.

   And of course..my purchases! It was impossible to leave that place empty handed,there
   was too much temptation! lol. Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday.


Lazy Day

Dear Diary,

I think i may have woken up on the wrong side of my bed. I have been so unproductive, but you know what they say…everyone is entitled to at least one slow day.


This song expresses everything i am going through,except the hands in the pants part lol.
Hope everyone started of their weekend on a positive and active note, unlike i did.


Beautiful People

Dear Diary,

In case you wonder what my average day in L.A looks like,here it is.
It’s always fun to be around friends and loved ones. I mean what else would you want in life
than to hang with some beautiful people 🙂

                                           Soundtrack: Chris Brown-Beautiful People

                                          (this is my jam by the way,go get his F.A.M.E Album)

Creme de la Crepe

Dear Diary,

A little something you might not know about me…I LOVE TO EAT!!!!
That is the secret to my lean figure,haha! No seriously, i love food!! So my sister and i
discovered this French restaurant called Creme de la Crepe, and the food is to die for!!
But before i show you mouth watering photos of what we ate, here are a few of me :).


                                                      Linen Shorts-f21
                                                      Thigh-Highs-American Apparel
                                                      Lace-up Wedges-Random Boutique



                                                    Lipstick -Red Zin by Bare Minerals

                                                    Beaded Bracelets-from Ghana



     So my sister had the Grand Marnier french toast with a side of strawberries and whipped cream.
    You know i had to take a bite, i could not resist the temptation haha!     

     My dish was an Annecienne Buckwheat Crepe. It had  Egg sunny side up, ham, swiss cheese,
     asparagus & grilled onions.

    Oh, and i also had a side of spicy chicken sausage. I already made it clear to you guys that i love to eat.
    Do not judge me! ^_^

                     Definitely stuffed! Hope everyone is enjoying their  weekend.

April Fools Joke?

Dear Diary,

So it may seem like a 1st April joke,but i really did chop all my hair off two days ago! It didn’t sink in that it was actually happening until i sat in the barber’s chair.  Anywho, i am all for trying new looks, and i feel so free! Here are a few photos.

                                                      Pants-American Apparel
                                                      Boots-Random boutique
                                                    Lipstick-NARS velvet matte lip pencil




                     Hope you all like it as much as i do 😀