Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it’s already December. I mean how crazy is it that we just have a few weeks until  Christmas? BANANAS. It all went by so fast, but I am certainly looking forward to the holidays and spending time with my family and all my loved ones. In other news, I was serving layers on a platter for these chilly days I have been experiencing in my neck  of the woods. I’ve always loved oxblood. It is certainly a hue that compliments a variety of complexions. I don’t own too many pieces in it, but after shooting this combination with the khaki green long bomber I may just invest in a few more things in oxblood.  I may just do a post showcasing people with different skin tones rocking oxblood, what do you think?


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Dear Diary,

Bombers are usually styled as your casual outerwear. In my world, a bomber can be worn in many different ways at any occasion.  I purchased this red nylon piece at an American Apparel sale. You would have snagged it too , if you only had to pay $6. Another thing that immediately  drew me to it was that striking shade of red… Valentino red.  Rarely would you find a bomber jacket with snaps in this hue. A white button up for the back-to-schoolers, black pleated mini skirt and thigh high boots for your night out on the town with your girls. I might just create a post showing how else you can incorporate this piece into your everyday lifestyle. Stay tuned…



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