Dear Diary,

NEW BAG ALERT! I am back at it again with the Myth House. This one is called the box satchel, and it’s lined! I was longing for this piece during my stay in Ghana. Unfortunately I was in too much of a rush getting things ready for my departure to make it happen. Only for me to check in my mailbox a few weeks back and it was just sitting there staring at me right in the face *scream* I was more than grateful to the Myth squad for my new summer accessory. I can’t thank them enough.  Keep scrolling to see how I rocked it….MYTHBAG02 Continue reading “RUST CULLOTES x MYTH HOUSE”


Dear Diary,

We all have that closet staple which works on almost every ocassion. The button down can be transitioned from corporate wear paired with your suit to a casual look at the park worn with shorts and flats. In my case, I got tired of wearing it the conventional way. I purchased this Margiela button down about 3 years and decided to give it an asymmetric tweak by losing a sleeve and paired it with some white accessories. White is also the perfect color to wear in the summer  because it doesn’t absorb as much heat as dark colors do. How would you tweak your basic button down?




GHANA @ 59

Dear Diary,

Long time no update! I know, I know…Major procrastination on my part, but you can go ahead and blame it on how relaxing it has been for me in the motherland. Speaking of the motherland, Ghana celebrated it’s 59th birthday yesterday, and I was more than excited to collaborate with  Ghanaian photographer, Lightville on a photo story  to share with you guys. Keep scrolling down for the fun and patriotic goodness!

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Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it’s already December. I mean how crazy is it that we just have a few weeks until  Christmas? BANANAS. It all went by so fast, but I am certainly looking forward to the holidays and spending time with my family and all my loved ones. In other news, I was serving layers on a platter for these chilly days I have been experiencing in my neck  of the woods. I’ve always loved oxblood. It is certainly a hue that compliments a variety of complexions. I don’t own too many pieces in it, but after shooting this combination with the khaki green long bomber I may just invest in a few more things in oxblood.  I may just do a post showcasing people with different skin tones rocking oxblood, what do you think?


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Dear Diary,

Another one from the minimal books. I have always wanted to try a monochromatic outfit in the same hue as my skin tone. I guess you can call this my own version of nude (and no, I don’t mean being naked). Boxy and a loose-fit shape is how I chose to wear this mainly because it was comfortable, but I also always remember to sprinkle a little personality dust onto my look like with this asymmetric hemline of my slip dress, metallic sunglasses, and these amazing cork print vans. Comfort does NOT have to be boring.

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