Dear Diary,

Meet my patchwork lover designed by non other than the multi-talented Deborah Vanessa from Ghana. Her designs are very fun and colorful. I’m pretty sure you have gathered by now that I loove me some color. DV005

This patchwork coat is pure perfection! I live in a city that has such bipolar climate. It could be hot today, breezy tomorrow, and chilly the next. With this coat I can simply incorporate more layers for the fall, or scale back , and show a little skin underneath by pairing it with a crop top/dress for spring.




|DV coat|UNIQLO turtleneck|ZARA flare denim| FOREVER 21 metallic loafers|


Forever21 Loafers - $22.90
Forever21 Loafers – $22.90
Zara Flare - $49.90
Zara Flare – $49.90  
Uniqlo Turtleneck-$24.90
Uniqlo Turtleneck-$24.90

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