Street Style

Dear Diary,

Is it tacky to show your bra through a transparent number? Not the way Drucilla executed it.
The color black,the gathered mid waist and the  A-line silhouette gives the dress that safe touch.
I love how she went with a black bra underneath, instead of other color options,which would have drawn way more attention to her chest area. Oh and don’t forget the shoes, they always play a major role in an outfit. Her peep toe flats also keep the whole look nice and simple. And can i just say, this lovely American Apparel manager had me running to the store to purchase the dress after seeing how well she nailed the  outfit!!

Hope you all adore her as much as i do.

2 thoughts on “Street Style

  1. Eny

    Really? What a small world!! I had to feature her on my blog,i adore her style!! Tell her to check it out when you see her,because i can't seem to get in contact with her :).xoxo!!

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