Adore Me Lingerie Review

Dear Diary,
When it comes to lingerie, most girls would certainly agree with me when I say that your inside garments matter just as much as what is showcased on the outside. And that is why I was thrilled when I received a free lingerie set from…

What is it?                                                  

Adore me is a new subscription based eCommerce website that allows women to personalize their lingerie picked by professional stylists each month.

How it works
 You take a 9 question quiz that give the stylists an idea of what your personality type may be in order for you to have access to the best lingerie of your choice in your very own showroom, and it only takes 1 minute! 


  An email is sent informing you  that your showroom is ready and you can finally choose from the
selection the stylist hand-picked for you.

I chose…
The MELANIE. It’s a plunging pushup with lace detailing on the cups,with the matching mid-rise undies. Not to mention it’s mint, which happens to be one of the hottest color trends for the summer!

It’s extremely aggravating to receive a product in the mail only for it to look completely different from the image you saw online, but the Melanie lingerie set looked exactly like it did on the site and this made me adore it(no pun intended lol) even more.
My thoughts… 
I’m not one to falsely advertise anything I don’t believe or haven’t tested out. The inside lining of the bra cups are very soft, and I didn’t feel any form of discomfort or pain with the boning either. Adore me caters to various body types, there is something for everyone. All of the lingerie sets are $39.95, shipping and exchanges are free of charge! Which is an amazing deal because you are receiving the same kind of treatment that may occur when consulting a sales employee in a lingerie store, except you communicate  with a certified lingerie expert in the comfort of your own home.
I strongly recommend you checkout their website You can also like their facebook page, to keep you updated on any giveaways or deals.

                                                        Happy Wednesday peeps!



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