The Flower Pants

Dear Diary,

Every girl and their momma own these H&M floral pants, but can ya blame em? They were only $14.95! I bought them in February, and my closet walls were officially closing in on them.

 ZARA fedora, Sabre sunglasses, Express men’s fitted cotton shirt, Vintage belt, H&M floral pants, COTTON ON t-strap flats.

3 thoughts on “The Flower Pants

  1. JChanga

    So glad to have discovered your blog!i love those pants…i'm not one for floral print but i want these and those shoes ah! just love the outfit hehe

  2. Eny

    @JChanga: Aha, i'm flattered,thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad I could pull you over to the floral side. Unfortunately mine are out of stock :(. But there are some other brands that are just as cute! I will be doing a posting on that soon,yayyy:D xoxo!!@Lamoderocks: Thank you soo much,I appreciate it! :Dxoxo!!

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