Swiss Day

Dear Diary,

Muchos muchos apologies for the delay in posts. I was making preparations for a trip abroad, and let me just tell ya traveling overseas is no joke! These are some shots I took on my 1st day in Switzerland. It is such a beautiful country, but a little chilly.

H&M sweater, OBEY t-shirt, H&M faux leather pants, FERRAGAMO bag, COMME des GARCONS sneakers.

2 thoughts on “Swiss Day

  1. Eny

    HI Meda!! Your request will be granted in one of my upcoming postings. Definitely stay tuned :D. I wish I could tell you which brand it is, but I have no idea. I get it done at a hair salon, because I get paranoid about messing it up. But what I can tell you is that the color is considered copper, and it's a temporary dye. I hope that is helpful :-/. Thanks for the awesome compliment though. It is sincerely appreciated!!xoxo!!

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