The Invasion

Dear Diary,

I love raiding my sister’s closet for accessories. She complains whenever she sees me in action, but what is a girl to do when all these lovely pieces are begging to be worn?? They were collecting loads of dust anyways, someone needed to show them some TLC(tender loving care). I saw these ankle strap heels, and yellow purse, and an outfit  light bulb immediately went off in my head. Came together well, no?

VINTAGE fringe jacket, ZARA shoes (sister’s) and tunic, CURRENT/ELLIOT boyfriend jeans, JILL PINEDA handbag (sister’s),  MAC ruby woo lipstick, TOPSHOP earrings.

2 thoughts on “The Invasion

  1. Eny

    Tell me about it!! And they do NOT even makes use of these precious pieces!! Someone needs to teach them how it's done right? Lmao. I just noticed my photo on your blog. Thanks for asking, I really appreciate it. I don't mind at all. xoxo!!

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