PRAY Cap by Kwame Adjaye

Dear Diary,

Spring is finally here, and I am happy to share with you my new favorite accessory… the PRAY cap by Kwame Adjaye. It has a perforated leather brim, red leather underbrim, and four metallic eyelets. Not to forget that it is an all black cap, with a white contrast embroidered “PRAY” font in the center.
Why I am so obsessed with this cap? I’ll let you be the judge of that!

   CHAPTER 1: “Best advice ever. In my darkest times my mother told me the only escape was to PRAY.
      When things started working out great, the only advice was to PRAY. We all have stories about
      answered PRAYER(S). Sometimes we doubt GOD exist. Sometimes. Thank GOD for our Mother’s
      Prayers. I thank GOD for mine. PRAY.”

  CHAPTER 2: “Three summers later, a son is depressed to the point of reclusion from hitting wall after wall
    in every attempt to make the Sons Of Elizabeth dream a reality. I asked in frustration; what to do to see
    the dream come to life? A workaholic brother who has such a finite vision of what the brand should stand
    for, it sometimes seems the brand is at a standstill. I’m stressing, what to do while in labour? Feels like i’ve
    been pregnant with this SOE baby for a hundred trimesters, something has to give. How do I challenge
    myself! through the dull days and nights of wait? FTG is grinding the wheels of fortune and is putting a roof
    over my head, temporarily, but still. I got to feed the beast; dormancy is not my strongest suit.”

CHAPTER 3: “Finally, FTG and I had an aha!-moment. The praying hands, embodied everything that we were raised to believe. Momma raised us. How surprised was I when her sincere recommendation to the disconcerted stated I was living in was to pray? So here, you have the literal manifestation of the beauty of my frustration. A thinking cap for a reminder; the oft-ignored concept of prayer in an increasingly secular world. The limited production strap-back hats to express the arduous process of chasing one’s passions and
dreams. PRAY.”

 Since the cap is such a classic piece, I went all out with some major print action!! Purchase yours at

                             PRAY cap, FOREVER 21 pants and shirt, SAM EDELMAN danielle pump.

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