Throwback Thursday

Dear Diary,

Taking it back, to when I did not have to worry about fluffing my hair with a pick comb, curling  in the a.m, or wearing a shower cap when I took a bath. Those were the good old days.  The photos were taken by a Ghanaian based photographer and Editor,  Allen ColemanIt was very fun working with Allen,  mainly because, there was no pre-planning or any clear vision behind the shoot. We  winged it, and realized that there was an unintentional 50s inspired theme on our hands with my wardrobe and side part low cut. Coming to think of it, my mother did spot a hair style like this back in the day. I will be sure to share, as soon as I’m able to dig it up from the photo archives.






MELROSE off-shoulder top, H&M polka dot culottes, FOREVER 21 belt, URBAN OUTFITTERS flats.

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