The 9 to 5 Reflectors

Dear Diary,

Experimenting with the achromatic scheme is not commonly seen in my wardrobe. However, I woke up feeling both minimal and masculine for work. I instantly thought..All black top and bottom, a white accent, and reflectors.

work wear 002

Speaking of reflectors, how crazy are these Del Toro slippers?  They are handmade, and extremely comfortable.  Showstoppers of my entire look.  It almost seemed as if I had just just stepped out of  Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” video from the 80s , except in this case my shoes lit up, rather than the square tiles on the ground.  Magic maybe? Did I mention that, I also cringe when people step on them?  I am highly convinced they are out to sabotage my glow, so I try to stand as far away as I can from anyone who intends to get too close.

work wear 039

work wear 020

work wear 028

work wear 038

ZARA tall white blazer (try this), PRADA black blouse (try this), AMERICAN APPAREL easy jean, DEL TORO 3M tassel slipper (try this).

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