Dear Diary,

Back at it again in sunny cali-for-ni-a. Super corny…I know. What a bitter sweet feeling it is to be back in my second home, considering that I was gone  for over 3 months. Bitter is when you are missing  your hustle and bustle life in Ghana, and let’s not forget the unbearable jet lag  you encounter post-travel…EEK! Sweet is having access to brunch at any hour of the day, getting to spend time with your cray cray cousins, and catching up with your friends. I promise it isn’t what I do all day. This is just to list a few. LOL!


Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about my look. I have been obsessing over this gold envelope purse by Myth House for months! It happens to be one of the best pieces I brought back from Ghana with me.  I can’t wait to get my hand on other styles. Until then, I will be showing you two looks rocking my  caged baby  along with the striped crop top in two ways.

This first look is obviously tomboy inspired. Just like almost everything that I own in my closet. I can’t help my love for men’s clothing. It’s extremely comfortable and can be very exciting! Depending on how it is put together of course. Plus, I always believe if you are going to show a little skin, try to be clever with your pairings. In this case, I went all baggy to avoid looking risqué . Statement accessories, also serve as great distractions! Like my gold purse and white cateye sunglasses. Stay tuned for my second look in my next post!




FOREVER 21 MEN denim jacket|MYTH HOUSE mini envelope purse|ZARA stripe crop top|URBAN RENEWAL LEVI’S jeans| BARNEYS black and white loafers

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