Citrus Print Part II

Dear Diary,

Oh yes i did! The citrus printed blouse from my previous post has been transformed  into a skirt. It was quite the struggle to get it past my shoulders down to my waist, but that did not stop me from making my vision come to life.

 My ribbed leggings, beanie, and the buckled booties adds more of a street edge. I completed my look with a viscose tunic to give it that chic factor it was lacking. This might not be your everyday attire, but i think the end result was pretty successful no?
  Happy Thursday everyone.

3 thoughts on “Citrus Print Part II

  1. Eny

    Haha! I tucked the sleeves in the blouse,because i did not want it to look bulky! But thanks for the compliment bee, i really appreciate it :D.xoxo!!

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