Versace for H&M

Dear Diary,

Donatella Versace launched her long awaited line,Versace for H&M, four days ago in stores all across the globe. I arrived at 6am, and still managed to get all the stuff I wanted.
  You are probably wondering why a person would line up just to buy clothing?  Well, there is a method to this madness. If you are a huge fan of print, bright hues, and quintessential pieces then you were definitely in the right place! I’m all for daring pieces that can be paired with other items to make them practical. And when buying statement clothing, I make a conscious effort to buy “separates”.  Even if someone may have the same pair of pants as you, his/her complete outfit would not be tantamount to yours. Not to forget, the price points of the pieces I bought were also very satisfying to my pockets!LOL

Below are the things i bought:

You can never go wrong with a pair of leggings. They have a resort feel to them,which  I love! ($29.95).

This soft jersey t-shirt is from the men’s collection. The turquoise background with the leopard print and enormous gold detail gives it a rock and urban streak ($24.95).

A scarf to me is a closet essential ($34.95).

I love stacking up on statement jewelry like this emblem choker. They come in handy when you want to give your outfit an edge ($39.95).

 Photos of satisfied customers:

Hope everyone has a lovely turkey day tomorrow, i know i will ;D.

2 thoughts on “Versace for H&M

  1. Eny

    Hello there,So sorry about that. You are not going to find it on the h&m website, considering they collaborated all the way in fall 2011. You should however be able to find it on ebay.Good luck!

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