1 tee, 2 ways

Dear Diary,

I was going through my folders and came across some photos showing my Good Better Proper tee  worn in 2 different ways.  Good Better Proper is a Los Angeles based street wear line I did a post on in the beginning of the year. I love how playful the line is, it made me not take myself too seriously when putting the looks together.

Look 1: Funky

 I can never get enough of tights, and it’s perfect for the bipolar weather (hot and cold) we have going on in my neck of the woods.


                ZARA fedora, Good Better Proper t-shirt, ZARA skirt, ASOS clutch, ALDO sandals.

Look 2: Urban

                          99 cent headscarf, Harley-Davidson jacket, Good Better Proper t-shirt, ZARA leggings, Converse sneakers.

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