Birthday Celebration

Dear Diary,

My friend and I had  a mini dinner gathering at The Stinking Rose on Monday, in celebration of  our birthday. Shout out to all cancers, woop woop!!


 AMERICAN APPAREL blazer, BRANDY MELVILLE crop top, H&M pants, ZARA shoes, ASOS clutch.

                                               Bread rolls, and garlic spread.

Filet mignon  served with creamed spinach, and yukon garlic mashed potatoes.
We were born on the same day, how cool is that?? 😀
The 3 cancers in our garlic caps.

                              Excited to share my pre- birthday photos from vegas!


5 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration

  1. Eny

    Omg, you will NOT be disappointed! The filet mignon melts in your mouth, and they also have the best garlic ice cream…seems weird, but it's amazing! Thanks for the birthday wish and compliment. Keep me posted on when you try the stinking rose :D.xoxo!!

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